Advantages of advanced spinal endoscopy over conventional endoscopy. How are they different?

Advanced spinal laser endoscopy consists of a novel surgical technique used to treat spinal pathologies such as herniated discs, canal stenosis, rhyzolysis, spinal fractures and kyphoplasty, immediately eliminating the pain that these injuries cause.

There are many advantages of using advanced spinal endoscopy over conventional endoscopy and the difference is very significant for patients.

It is minimally invasive surgery, less aggressive than conventional endoscopy.

This new technique only requires a 2-millimeters incision in the back, and therefore it does not leave any scars while at the same time it reduces the risk of complications associated with conventional endoscopy, which involves a large incision.

Patients do not need to be hospitalized for the procedure, which is carried out using anaesthesia with sedation.

The duration of the procedure is short: for disc herniation, for example, the total time may be 15 to 20 minutes per disc.

Recovery time is reduced, allowing the patient to resume normal activity much earlier.

Relief of sciatic and lumbar pain is immediate.

Following the procedure, medication use is reduced and sometimes ceases.

These are the advantages that make advanced spinal endoscopy the most effective and safest technique for anyone suffering from disc herniation or lumbago.